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The Network's approach to startups

Three essential elements are needed to start a business: an idea, finance and organisation.

  • The idea is the key asset of the entrepreneur, who is responsible for imagining the possibilities and peculiarities and for providing the initiative, eccentricity and innovation, not to mention a bit of luck.
  • Finance is the fuel necessary for taking the idea to the market. If the entrepreneur does not personally have funds available then it is possible to seek financial backing on the market; OuNet can be of assistance in this.
  • However, the task of our company is to provide the organisation. This means providing support for those activities which, although non-core, are necessary when starting a business.

 In practice, depending on the progress of the implementation of the idea, OuNet works alongside the entrepreneur in the appropriate phase, providing the services requested for the time specified by the business plan, or rather until a critical mass is reached that permits the outsourced processes to be transferred back to the company.

 Our potential clients are:

  • Companies about to open in Italy, branches of multinationals
  • Companies resulting from spin-offs of branches of business
  • Entrepreneurs who intend to implement a business model with the setting up of a new entity

 The most embryonic phase of our support service during start-up is assistance in preparing the business plan

One of our senior consultants will assist the entrepreneur in defining the best business model for implementing the idea and in planning it in detail. 

The output of these activities is a series of descriptive documents and numerical tables:

  • The Book, complete with appropriate annexes
  • Various PowerPoint presentations, according to presentation needs
  • Executive Summary 

All useful tools for dealing with the fundraising phase, an activity for which Ounet can provide targeted support. 

If the planning phase is already over, Ounet will assist the management team of the new company by providing the services that are necessary during start-up:

  • Logistics: an equipped space and secretarial support for the initial period, together with assistance in finding a suitable office
  • Facilities management: management of the property that has been identified and of all connected issues
  • Accounting services: from the implementation of accounting standards to the creation of a management team to join the company when the critical mass allows it
  • Credit Risk Management: Support to credit risk assessment and taking. Implementation of actions aimed at mitigating effects and optimising company costs and liquidity
  • Pay and contributions: professional management of all connected regulatory requirements and processing of the necessary documentation
  • Information technology: Specialist consulting services, integration and management of IT systems and security. Development and design. Supply of hardware and software. Departmental software programming
  • Commercial services: identification and development of new products and services; definition of integrated commercial offers; planning skills in the sales & marketing area; search for business partners and industrial alliances; planning and recruitment of sales teams; training in consultative sales techniques.

For each of these activities a 'temporary management' service is available should the company be interested.