Specialist areas

In over fifteen years of activity, Outsourcing Network has developed specific competences in the following sectors:


Extensive capacity to assist in all areas pertaining to the short-, medium- and long-term rental of cars, vans and motorbikes; car dealers;
Car sharing.

From start-up to incorporation.
Liaison with authorities and control bodies. Asset management
for the purpose of the core business and the consequent administrative,
accounting and tax activities.

Full management of the back offices of door-to-door sales networks and local IT
Support in setting up incentive systems, drawing up contracts and dealing with the taxation system.


Competence in the planning and development of restaurant formats.
Complete support in the areas of management, administration and taxation, architecture and design, food
and wine expertise and communication.

Many years of experience acquired in the credit assurance field: prevention of credit risk, collection and credit management training.

organisation of law firms. Management control and IT as competitive factors.
From large international practices to small local firms.

High level of expertise gained in the mobile telephone field, the creation of behavioural scoring models, customer reliability and credit check-up.