Our network

The following companies belong to the network

  • Authorised accounting firm working since 1976 in the fields of auditing, process and control organisation

Giacomobono & Partners
  • Tax, business, management and employment consultancy firm, which has worked alongside numerous companies and professional firms for several years
Ounet Servizi

As manager of the Network, offers shared non-core skills and complementary services, which are necessary to run the business properly. Furthermore, aimed at the market:

  • Operates in the facilities management sector offering services, plans and projects oriented at buildings and spaces to owners of properties from 1,000 to 20,000 m2

Ounet Gestione Credito

  • Provides consultancy services in the credit risk management, check-up and optimisation of the active cycle, the selection of partners for credit recovery, credit management training
Ounet Sistemi
Ounet Sistemi
  • Specialises in the information and communication technology sector, provides specialist services for the integration of systems, consultancy and management of information systems
Ounet Soluzioni
Ounet Soluzioni
  • Provides staff administration, accounting, administrative and management control activities
  • Creates customised software solutions for specific processes of company departments