Product details

In an outsourcing market that is often characterised by complex personalised solutions, OuNet has responded to the need for streamlining and simplification expressed by SMEs with a range of defined and accessible products.


Each Outsourcing Network Partner offers its own particular services to clients and proposes innovative solutions within the scope of its expertise.

Within the market for "non-core" activities there is often a need for a cross-disciplinary approach which requires an ability to coordinate between different parties that is sometimes not available within the company.

Outsourcing Network’s strength also lies in its ability to combine various features of each Partner’s area of expertise in order to develop products that would otherwise be unavailable in the range of services offered by the individual Partners.

The result is an integrated offer, as described in the product details which can be viewed using the links to the left of this page, which allows SMEs to access consultancy solutions and outsourced services that were previously only accessible to large companies.
Don’t miss this unique opportunity to expand your company.