To create value added for the clients of the Network, by providing high-quality services and consultancy and by integrating the various services and operating synergies of the OuNet Network partners, in order to offer:

  • A single point of reference for the outsourcing of non-core services

To add value to what an individual operator can offer, providing the members of the OuNet Network with:

  • A common brand with which to operate on the market, thus benefiting from joint marketing activities
  • Non-core skills and complementary services, which are necessary to run a business properly and which are available through the outsourcing arrangement, including:
    • Pay and contributions
    • Administrative and accounting support
    • Commercial and marketing support
    • Information technology
    • General services
  • Opportunities for captive revenue by offering non-core services to other members
  • Cross-selling opportunities
  • Access to credit