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Monday, 21 March 2011 10:55

Rome 2011 Programme outline

Veni.Vidi.Vici: 2011 EUATC Rome Conference
8 - 9 APRIL 2011, ROME


The future of translation in a changing world: new business perspectives

The European Union of Associations of Translation Companies' 2011 international Spring conference takes place in Rome from Friday 8th to Saturday 9th April.  The EUATC's Italian member UNILINGUE is hosting it.

The meeting convenes as the profession faces some significant economic challenges in an increasingly globalised environment and will be tackling them head on.

Once again the EUATC has attracted some of Europe's leading experts who will be examining latest trends and looking over the horizon to anticipate how the industry will need to adapt to become more competitive and, at the same time, profitable.


Cooperation and partnerships at a European level

The opening session ‘Cooperation and partnerships at a European level' will take an over-arching view of the need to form and develop cross-border business relationships to tackle some of the increasingly large and complex contracts on offer.  A particularly important issue for those small to medium sized Language Service Providers that feel that these ‘mega' contracts are only for the big boys.  This session will point to strategies that will disprove this notion.

People - training and recruitment

Session two delves into the people side of the profession with contributions from academics, professional bodies and a global ‘talent spotting' recruitment consultant.


Translation automation and cloud computing

Opening the lid on the technological solutions that are set to transform the way the profession works in the future will round off the first day.



EUATC Business Lounge

Veni. Vidi.Vici: Book now, Get Visible, Win Business


Act fast, book you business desk now and get:

  • A 2-hour slot at your business desk
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A crucial aspect of any international gathering such as the EUATC conference is the networking opportunities it offers. For the first time the EUATC will be actively encouraging such exchanges and is launching the EUATC Business Lounge. This is a unique networking area within the conference venue where individual company representatives will be able to reserve time slots at the business desks to meet with other language providers to sell their services and form alliances, which will hopefully prove both productive and profitable.


Please note that this opportunity will only be available for 4 hours on the second day of the meeting and is limited to 20 business desks per time slot*. The business desks will be reserved on a first-come-first-served basis - so LSPs will need to act fast if they are to book a session.


* Time slots: 09h00-11h00 and 11h00-13h00

Reserve your business desk when registering for the conference.



Running in parallel on the morning of the second day there will be a mix of sponsored and invited workshops, which will all be staged alongside the EUATC Business Lounge, which is set to become the conference hub on day two.


Business expertise and legal issues

Developing a language business in a rapidly changing global environment cannot be achieved alone by using the latest technology or simply employing good people.  Understanding the need to develop long-term business strategies will allow a business to take advantage of opportunities ahead of the curve. Again, leading experts on this and the legal aspects of LSP businesses have agreed to share their knowledge with delegates.

Technology panel

Technology sponsors will all be participating in the final session of the conference, the ever-popular technology panel.  This will be the delegates' chance to test the hype with probing questions.


Interactive debate

All sessions have been designed to engage delegates in an exciting debate.

Social opportunities will include a conference dinner and guided tours of Rome and the Vatican City.


To reserve your place at this unique and groundbreaking conference, click on this link


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