Esigibile (Payable)

Certifying the collectibility of the debts in the Client portfolio

In certifying the Reorganisation Plans of Distressed Companies, professionals are called upon to attest their truthfulness and feasibility, for which they are liable in civil and criminal law.

Verifying and attesting the effective value of the debts is a delicate stage in the acceptance of this type of plan and enhances the credibility of the company’s commitments.

It would seem advisable, in order to limit the risks assumed by the certifying person (Asseveratore), to adopt market best practices by asking a third party to conduct the necessary research and investigations. The credit positions must be established, checking their actual amount, and it must be confirmed that the amounts realisable are correct and collection times must be assessed.

Ounet Gestione Credito supports companies and their legal or accounting advisors by offering them a structured approach in the form of ESIGIBILE.

This is a product which makes use of many years of experience in this sphere and of predictive assessment techniques based on credit risk benchmarks. ESIGIBILE also includes the necessary commercial information and/or the results of investigations, which will be assessed in the context of the same sphere of activities as that of the company’s commodity sector, and finally delivers a certified process.

Phases in the process

Gathering preliminary information: acquisition of the client portfolio in default Excel format, which includes the clients’ particulars with VAT number and/or Tax Code, the accounts, ageing, records of any objections on the part of debtors and details on the notices sent to the latter, aimed at establishing the amount and fairness of the debt balances.

Output: first-level report with macro analysis of the data obtained; comparison with the company’s commodity sector. Discussing and identifying the requirements (number of clients to certify) and the strategy to follow in order to handle the next phase. Subject to explicit consent.

Implementation: request for commercial information, breakdown into clusters by degree of risk. Debt collection benchmarks by sector and debtor type. Detailed analysis and assessment of presumed realisable amount for each client.

Output: detailed report on the debts, with reference sources and policies adopted, issued by an accounting firm.

Why certify accounts receivable with ESIGIBILE?

  • The chances of the reorganisation plan being accepted are increased.
    • Certifiers’ reliability and professionalism are enhanced if they consult a team of experts to assess such an important item in the financial statements.
    • Debts calling for immediate action are identified and the most effective methods are found for recovering the full amount owed.
    • Lower costs are incurred if the debts whose recovery is unlikely are isolated.
    • Reasonable cost for a valuable benefit.

The price of ESIGIBILE? This depends on the number of clients and the types of debtors, so ask for a free quote; we will be glad to meet you and tailor our estimate to your needs.



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