Intraprendo (Enterprise)

Process of defining the best operating business model

The Intraprendo process, which is targeted at businesses in the SME category, is aimed at giving these businesses – which normally do not have the relevant skills within the company – access to a service of consultancy and structured planning on a modular basis.

Intraprendo applies methodologies which are used in much larger contexts and which have been appropriately simplified to allow them to be used by businesses that would otherwise not have access to such an activity.

The process is divided into 3 phases. Progression to the next phase is optional and subject to the evaluation of the previous phase.

Phase I – Analysis

The representative for the team of consultants holds a couple of meetings with the business owner at the OuNet offices. These meetings are aimed at acquiring the terms of the initiative and making an initial assessment of the feasibility of the consultancy project.

This phase requires a commitment of approximately half a day for OuNet which is not charged to the client. Click here to request our assistance.

Phase II – Analysis of feasibility in terms of profitability

Ounet’s team of consultants prepares an initial income statement for the activity when fully operational on the basis of information gathered and subsequent details obtained, in order to establish the expected EBITDA for the new activity, once an initial breakeven threshold has been reached.

The output of this phase of Intraprendo is a series of workings on spreadsheets, summarised in a document that highlights the expected turnover and margins.

This phase involves various members of Ounet’s team of consultants and has an average duration of 20 hours. It is offered as a complete package for the price of € 5,000.00 + VAT.

Phase III – Detailed analysis of feasibility in terms of profitability and financial position

Intraprendo envisages the following activities:
  • Evaluation of the competitive scenario in the relevant market
  • Review of the emerging organisation; analysis of competences within the company
  • Analysis of opportunities and threats, including a description of the situation of the emerging organisation in terms of strengths and weaknesses (SWOT analysis)
  • Identification of any partners and allies that may be necessary in the pursuit of the business strategy
  • Development of a concise plan which highlights the following: business strategy, market positioning, methods for acquiring and retaining clients and key processes involved in providing the product/service
At the end of this activity, a set of documents will be issued which is suitable for presenting the initiative to potential investors and which comprises:
  1. Executive Summary
  2. Powerpoint presentation with various levels of detail
  3. Detailed supporting three-year business plan
This phase, which may vary depending on the nature of the particular project being carried out, has an average duration of 100 hours and involves several members of OuNet’s team of consultants.

(As an indication, a package of 100 hours is offered for the price of €20,000.00 + VAT)



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